I can still remember the day very clearly. I was about 14 years of age or so. We were at our summer place on the Saint John's River in Mandarin, close to Jacksonville, Florida. This is a picture of us on our dock. From left to right, my brother Garrett, my brother Mark, me, my sister Franki in back, my sister Mary and our dad, Wallace.

My family was sitting at the table eating dinner. Dad asked us to help him. He was trying to generate a great name for our place, our summer place on the water. Bug Tussle was mentioned but that was already taken. Other assorted varieties were suggested, but none that really caught his fancy. I don't know that we ever came up with a really cute and catchy name for our summer respite on the Saint John's River.

Many years, after I retired with 20 years in the Navy, gone to college, started work for the Feds, I joined the United States Power Squadrons. USPS is the world's largest boating private boating organization and is dedicated to safe boating through education.

I had taken all the courses, from basic Seamanship through advanced Celestial Navigation, and had probably taught all of them by then. It was a splendid education in boating and wetted my appetite for the field of astronomy as well.

One day, I wandered in my dreams and thought of that moment many years ago. You often hear the term, Ebb Tide. Actually, it is a misnomer. Ebb referres to the horizontal flow of water and tide the its vertical rise and fall. You can NEVER have an Ebb Tide. Wait a minute, my last name is Hebb, very, very similar to Ebb. I wonder, I just wonder if you can have a Hebb Tide.

Well of course you can. When does it happen. Well, actually it happens whenever I am close to the water. It happens when I am boating. It happens when I am fishing. It happens in my dreams.

Okay Dad, if you are listening, how about Hebb Tide?

Here is my dad and his two brothers at Hebb Tide circa 1956 or so. From left to right, Uncle Hank (John), my grandmother and their mother, my dad and Uncle Bob (Robert or Gus).