Left to right, Uncle Hank, Icky, Dad and Uncle Bob

My father, Harry Wallace Hebb, Jr., known throughout his life as "Wallace", was the oldest of three sons of Harry Wallace Hebb, of German heritage by way of Johann Adam Hebb who came to Lunenberg, Nova Scotia, in 1751 on the ship Pearl and Joan Frances LeBaron, the daughter of pioneering Jacksonville civil engineer John Francis LeBaron, originally of Ipswich and Boston, Massachusetts.

Dad attended Saint Paul's School in Riverside, Robert E. Lee High School and the University of Florida (it was a male only school then) until his junior year when he returned home to assist his mother after his father's death.  He grew up in the Riverside and Avondale areas of Jacksonville moving to Polaris Street in the Murry Hill section just prior to the birth of this son, Harry Wallace Hebb III, that's me. Mother would live in that house for 43 years.

Dad was a contractor doing general repairs in the greater Jacksonville area. He married the former Annie Laurie Garrett of Georgia.

Mother once told me that I was part American Indian and Spanish on her side and German and French on my Dad's side. She gave me the impression that those heritages were relatively pure. Talk about a mix ???

My grandmother's name was Joan Frances but she went by "Franki." When I was a child learing to prounce words, I had trouble pronouncing "Franki." It came out as Icky. The nickname stuck and all of the Wallace Hebb siblings called her Icky even to our teen years.