Well ... it is just too much fun!!

That would be a Segway to which I refer. While it looks complicated, it is actually quite simple to operate. Generally, if you can stand and walk, you can ride a Segway.

I had seen them before but never up close. While helping a friend host a conference last April, a dealer brought two to demonstrate and let the host use. I was invited to 'try' it. I was bitten from the very first ride. I found it very difficult to stay off of it. I decided to see if I could buy a couple of them.

So I checked with the local dealer. While they are expensive, especially since I was just using them for fun and not business, I found a suitable payment plan and ordered two of the X2 models. There are generally two models, the I2 and the X2 model with different packages to suit your particular purpose.

The I2 model is the street version and has narrow tires and a travel distance of about 20 miles on one battery charge.

Because it has narrow tires, it is generally limited to hard surfaces such as streets, sidewalks and the like. Because the overall width is narrow, it generally does not take up any more horizontal space than the human on it.

The other model is the X2. It has wide tires and is approximately three feet in diameter. You can get either the turf or knobby tires depending on where you want to drive it; for instance, golf course, off road, sand, beach and the like.

Generally you get about 15 miles per battery charge with the X2 model but it is capable of running off-road and on the beach.

I purchased two of the X2 models with a wide range of accessories. Given the price of gas, there is some anticipation that it will become quite popular for around town use. For me, it is FUN TO DRIVE!

Check them out at ... http://www.segway.com